At Be True Photography we want you to have priceless portraits of the ones you love, at an affordable price. Our goal is to capture the essence of your child, your family, and your relationships. We want for you to have pictures that move you, that capture your family exactly- that bring you to tears when you look at them.

We know how unpleasant portrait experiences can be at department stores and walk-in studios. We have gone there ourselves with our children and been disappointed in the experience. We have taken all of the things we didn't like- the long waits, the dirty props, the rush because five other families are waiting- and made sure we eliminated those things. We schedule you at times that are convenient for you and your family- evenings, weekends...Our studio is in our home to allow you maximum comfort and privacy. We allow plenty of time so that your family can warm up, and we can capture beautiful portraits, but also fun candids. We only use cloth backdrops and floor coverings so that everything may be washed between each shoot. We try to get to know our clients, to learn what it is they love in portraits. Some clients enjoy a more casual portrait of their child and some clients want a formal posed portrait. We can accommodate both. Most of all, we are parents too, and we understand that children are not predictable. We realize that you may need a break during your shoot to nurse your baby, provide a snack to your kids, or to touch up your hair. We allow time for those things, and for all of the other variables that can happen during a shoot. We spend all the time you need to make your portraits something you will always cherish.

Be True Photography...Be True...True to who you are. True to the ones you love. We aspire to capture the true you.